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Even if you don't own a boat, dock bumpers can protect your dock from the damage of other boats. Buy your dock bumpers when you come to Dolphin Mooring Whips. Choose between black or white bumpers to accommodate your taste. Find all the other dock accessorized you want like lighting, hose holders and more to organize or stylize your dock.

  • Double wall molded design

  • Internal high-energy

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  • Non-marring

  • Black and white

Get friendly service and experienced advice when purchasing all your docking products like dock ladders, bumpers, mooring whips, and anything else you need to protect your dock!

Dolphin dock Bumpers

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All the products we sell are made with the highly engineered designs and quality materials to last long and protect the integrity of your boat or dock. We offer a multiple range of sizes and styles to fit your dock so contact us, or come by the store to learn more about our competitive rates.

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Dock Bumpers

The FA is available in standard lengths of 6, 8, 10, & 12 feet, mounted or unmounted. Mounted fenders are fastened with 316 SS ring shank nails on recycled plastic lumber, 2x4's or 4x4's. Available in white or black in color. The FA, with its internal high-energy absorption web, is designed primarily for a vertical application to a piling or bulkhead, yet can also be mounted horizontally. Designed for vessels from tenders to large yachts.


The FA201 is available in a standard lengths of 10 feet, and black or white in color. This fender is primarily intended for sure on floating docks. With its larger dimensions, greater wall thickness, and internal high-energy absorption web, the FA201 can handle vessels much larger than the typical floating dock fender available on the market today.


The FA300 is a revolutionary design in corner fenders, both vertical and horizontal. Used primarily to protect vessels from sharp protruding corners or bulkheads. As with it's cousins, FA and FA201, the FA300 has an internal high-energy absorption web that can handle a variety of different size vessels.


The FA50 is intended for use in the small boat market, up to 30', or in areas where a lower profile fender is necessary due to space restrictions for slightly larger vessels. This is possible due to the internal high-energy absorption web. Available in a standard length of 10' and black or white in color.


The FA400 is your answer for maximum protection in narrow slips with no need for special fasteners, this fender is designed to be mounted directly to pilings using stainless steel nails. It is available in 6', 8', 10', and 12' lengths, and black or white in color. Suitable for boats up to 80'.


Very similar to the FA201, this fender has larger dimensions and a greater wall thickness for use on larger vessels. It can be mounted vertically on piling or used horizontally on the side of the dock. Intended for use on medium sized boats up to 60'.


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