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Docking Aluminum hose holders

Find all the marine docking products and accessories you need at Dolphin Mooring Whips. We have a stock of wonderful ways to improve your dock. Everything from aluminum hose holders, 'S' cleats to accessories for you!  Our friendly staff will help you pick out the right hose holder fit with a full color image or a powder coating option to personalize your purchase.

Get sturdy aluminum hose holders in either a natural or powder coating finish. You can even personalize your doc with one of images of a dolphin, tuna, marlin and more on your hose holders.

The strength and durability of 'S' cleats will help in the docking of your boat. We offer them in 10", 12", 15", and 18" sizes to accommodate your docking needs. Contact us today for more information

Aluminum hose holders

Aluminum 'S' cleats

Call us to learn more about the products we have in stock including hose holders, 'S' cleats, dock bumpers, ladders and more at competitive rates. You can also come down to our shop to get friendly and experienced knowledge about all the docking products and accessories you may need.

Providing you with quality docking products since 1976

We manufacture and sell  our own mooring whips!


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